Accueil du CRoC

The Cup in a few numbers

  • Organized bt 80 volenteers
  • Almost 200 participating teams
  • Thousands of spectators and viewers

The Cup

The French Robotic Cup is co-organized by the town of Ferté-Bernard and by the French association Planète Sciences, and falls within the framework of Eurobot, the international robotics contest.

The former organization describes this Cup as “An amazing event gathering fun, high technology, friendship, creativity, education and passion”, organized either in student project or in independent clubs. One of the goals of this competition is to allow competitors to exchange their knowledge and their know-how.

The teams must design and construct an autonomous robot which will have several tasks to accomplish within the time limit to win more points than the opponent’s. For further information on these tasks, please visit “the Tasks” section. This year’s theme is "Build a better world".


For more information, check out the official website of the French Robot Cup.